Wheelock Sports Information Department

Director of Sports Information                  
Meghan Griffin

200 The Riverway
Boston, MA 02215

Office (617) 879-2022
Fax (617) 879-2277
E-mail mgriffin@wheelock.edu

Assistant Director of Sports Information

Adam Schlitt

200 The Riverway
Boston, MA 02215

Office (617) 879-2150
Cell (732) 429-7544




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Stat Crew and Word Rosters Updated
Field Hockey (.SRO), Word 10/14/15
Men's Cross Country (Word) 10/14/15
Women's Cross Country (Word) 10/14/15
Men's Soccer (.SRO), Word 10/14/15
Women's Soccer (.SRO), Word 10/14/15
Men's Basketball (.BRO), Word 12/15/15
Women's Basketball (.BRO), Word 12/2/15
Men's Lacrosse (.CRO), Word 3/29/16
Women's Lacrosse (.CRO), Word 3/29/16
Softball (.TRO | .TRX), Word 3/5/16
Men's Tennis (.XTR), Word 4/19/16