Wheelock Athletic Training

Wheelock College has a complete athletic training facility on campus to prevent, diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate athletic-related injuries. The athletic training room is staffed by a licensed certified athletic trainer (ATC) at all times. The athletic training room hours vary by season, but the room is always open one half hour before practices and one and one half hours before games for team preparation.

The goal of the Wheelock College Athletic Training Center is to provide the highest quality of health care services to our student-athletes. Our head athletic trainer acts as liaison between coaches, student-health, administrators, team physicians, and student-athletes. The athletic trainer also advises coaches and administrators about the status of student-athletes in order to maintain optimal performance and minimize loss from competition. All student-athletes are required to fill out necessary medical forms before participating in on-campus varsity sports. The athletic trainer maintains up-to-date medical files on all student-athletes, including those regarding injury and illnesses, and is in charge of screening, prevention, and in-season injury management. Every student-athlete is mandated to attend a preseason orthopedic evaluation to establish a baseline health criterion.

If you would like more information about athletic training at Wheelock College, please e-mail Head Athletic Trainer Jayson Hill at jhill@wheelock.edu or Assistant Athletic Trainer Kristin McKenney at kmckenney@wheelock.edu with any questions. For general information about this medical profession, please visit the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) website.

The Athletic Training Center hours of operation for walk-in are posted on the Wheelock Wildcats website under Athletic Training. The hours are posted on the first day of the month and are subject to change based on game and practice schedules. If a student-athlete is unable to meet with an Athletic Trainer during the scheduled times, the student-athlete can contact one of the athletic trainers directly via e-mail or phone.


Jayson Hill ATC, LAT
Head Athletic Trainer
Wheelock College


Kristin McKenney, MS, ATC, LAT
Associate Athletic Trainer


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